“Justice: Pretty Woman”

Finally, a couple of paralegals actually have lines, scenes, & meaning in a TV show! You don’t even have to guess what work they do. This FOX show recognizes the importance & permanence of paralegals in a law firm.  Gooooo bad TV!

"Oh my God. Did anybody else get dizzy while watching this? Maybe the target audience on this show is the MTV crowd. Jeez. All the handheld camerawork, quick edits and zooms made me queasy. That seemed new. Also new this week were the banners for different times in the case (i.e. ‘Self Surrender’, etc.). Kinda hokey and unnecessary. It also seemed like Rebecca Mader’s appearance had been softened a bit since the premiere — a positive change if you ask me. She seemed a little scary and inhuman in the pilot.

"The case: Music producer Lenny Stein is found dead in his hotel room and some young woman (Anne Diggs) was seen leaving. Instead of going to the cops when a sketch of her is plastered all over the media, Anne goes to TNT&G [fictional firm Trott, Nicholson, Tuller & Graves]. She claims it was self defense and Tom Nicholson (Kerr Smith) believes her. It’s the top story on American Crime, so Ron Trott decides to work pro bono and raise money for Anne’s defense fund by essentially blackmailing high-rollers who didn’t want to make the witness list. Attorney Alden Ruller (Rebecca Mader) is suspicious of the girl’s story, as am I. Nonetheless, Nicholson badgers Anne until she remembers where she ditched the murder weapon, a knife, and he and attorney Luther Graves (Eamonn Walker) go and pick it up off the street while a couple of paralegals worry about whether they’re tampering with evidence. Graves tells them that defense attorneys can gather evidence just like prosecutors, but most are too lazy."