“My cell phone is bigger than yours…”

Yeah, this AlterNet post is only tangentially related to the legal field. But don’t most lawyers & paralegals use cell phones?

"Just a short reminder that we’re all hopeless monkeys trapped inside one giant National Geographic special, via TechDirt [links below are from original post]:

"Well, it appears some things don’t change much. Almost exactly six years ago, we wrote about a study that said that men tend to use mobile phones in the same way that peacocks display their plumage: as a mating call to try to impress women. A new study has found that this still happens. Men are much more likely to actively display their mobile phones in social situations. The article suggests it’s a way to pick up women, but it also notes that men are just as eager to display their mobile phones to other men to make themselves appear more important. Of course, what makes this even more interesting is the study we saw this past summer that found that women use mobile phones for almost the exact opposite purpose. They do it to keep men from approaching them. That is, if they see someone approaching them, they may pull out the phone so they have an excuse to avoid talking to the man. No wonder the sexes have so much trouble communicating. They don’t even use communication devices the same way."

So, tell us how you use cell phones!