New Paralegal Blog Gives You Something to Laugh About

J0386362 Humor.  It's difficult to write, can be hard to deliver and there's always a risk you'll fall flat on your you-know-what.  However, I found a terrific blog called Paralegals On Trial that is fresh, funny and worth reading.  I spoke by phone with the blogger who is as upbeat and southern as her blog.  For some reason, she wants to remain anonymous. I can't imagine why.  But then, maybe she's smarter than I am.

Paralegals On Trial takes a humorous look at the paralegal field.  While some of the writing can be a bit edgy, the writer takes a typical day-in-the-life and spins what could be a stressful disaster into a good belly laugh.  And frankly, a good belly laugh these days is no laughing matter. 

Here, the author describes a scenario when her computer goes down and the IT guy just won't pay attention.  He's too busy playing Dungeons & Dragons: 

Her computer goes down and up on the screen comes:


"Three words that never before could spark so much excitement in one man. “Fatal System Error” to an IT guy is like telling Christina on Grey’s Anatomy that a massive coronary bleed has just erupted."

Her short stories illustrating typical daily sequences can give you a much needed lift:  In F.Y.A. she says,
"First. Year. Associates. Three little words that, in my humble opinion, should be registered as on-the-job hazards for paralegals everywhere."  Amen.  Truth.  I love it.

This blog is just what the field needs.  Check it out. Even if it only gives you a hiccup, there's always time for a smile.