“Pregnancy Discrimination Suits on the Rise”

Sigh, this is still happening? And getting worse!?

"Employment lawyers say pregnancy discrimination lawsuits are on the rise in corporate America, particularly among high-level female executives who claim that they are being knocked off the corporate ladder because of maternity issues.

"In Chicago, a national marketing manager is suing Merisant Worldwide Inc., the maker of Equal sweetener, claiming that the company demoted her and treated her unfairly because of her pregnancy. Babb v. Merisant, No. 06 C 1383 (N.D. Ill.).

"According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, pregnancy discrimination complaints have increased by 31 percent over the last decade, from 3,385 complaints in 1992 to 4,449 in 2005. During that same time period, prelitigation settlements have tripled, from $3.7 million to $11.6 million."