“Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Sued By Legal Assistant”

Sounds like a very messy case:

"Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is being sued by a legal assistant for allegedly firing her daughter, a legal assistant, because she is pregnant, according to court records.

"Diane Broda says her pregnant daughter was fired by Abdul-Jabbar’s company Ain Jeem Inc., last December. When Broda called Ain Jeem Inc. to warn them she would fall a lawsuit, Ain Jeem officials called her bosses at Gaims, Weil & Epstein LLC [older website; no new site found], according to court papers.

"Broda is also suing her former law firm, claiming she was also fired because she is a woman and because she was 57 years old at the time. The lawsuits were filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court."