“Saddam legal assistant murdered in Baghdad”

Oh, no, this is awful news!

"An assistant to one of the defense lawyers in the trial of ex-president Saddam Hussein and six co-defendants over the alleged genocide of Kurds has been found dead, a lawyer said Thursday.

"Lawyer Badih Aref Izzat said his 50-year-old assistant Abdel Monem Yassin Hussein had been kidnapped on August 29 in Baghdad, and his family discovered his body five days later in a nearby hospital morgue. He had been shot twice in the head and once in the arm, Izzat said.

"Izzat is representing intelligence officer Farhan Al Juburi in the present trial on charges relating to the brutal 1987-1988 repression of Iraq’s Kurdish minority, known as the Anfal campaign which killed an estimated 180,000 people.

"Three lawyers representing Saddam and seven co-defendants in separate court proceedings have been killed since that trial began in October 2005."