Techie paralegal? Six Steps to a Global Network for Law Firms

Put on your tech hat & learn the practical steps for networking computers:

"While most of corporate America quickly embraced technology as a way to improve their business, law firms came a bit later to the party. Computers now may be ubiquitous at all major law firms, but many still struggle with larger technology issues, particularly when it comes to networking multiple offices.


"While the initial investment to build a seamless network is substantial, once it is developed, maintenance and support staff to keep operations running smoothly generally cost far less than those with poorly integrated systems. In fact, studies show that the average law firm dedicates 6 to 7 percent of their gross revenue to technology spending — at White & Case we average just 2.9 percent. The bottom line is that a seamless integrated technology solution is not only crucial to the long-term success of a large law firm but in many ways it is the lifeblood of the firm itself — circulating the crucial information that our lawyers need to help clients succeed."

Karen Asner is a commercial litigator and an administrative partner at White & Case in New York, where she oversees all administrative aspects of the firm’s 36 offices and helps shape firm culture, policies and strategic business objectives. Eugene Stein, White & Case’s chief knowledge and technology officer, also contributed to the development of this article.