“The Need for Work-Life Balance”

Yes, you might be able to have a balance between work & life, Virginia:

"Every working person in Corporate America feels the need for work-life balance. The legal community is no different. The Boston Bar Association was recently commended for establishing a Task Force which addressed and brought to the forefront the sensitive issue of work-life balance. The findings not only highlight the complexity but the need to improve the quality of legal professionals’ lives.

"Although the report focuses on stress of managing balance for lawyers, the problem extends to all professionals in the legal field and beyond. A new trend across the U.S. – errand and concierge services – enable professionals the ability to relieve stress and create balance between work and home. Errand and Concierge Services have been labeled ‘angels of time’ and bring hope not only to the legal profession but to every working individual who needs an outlet to maintain a level of order in busy and sometimes chaotic lives.


"As is now common in Corporate America, the practice of law is also focused on cost effective measures. Times have changed and ‘one-on-one’ secretaries, assistants or paralegals no longer exist. Staff members are assigned 3, sometimes 4 people to work for. In the legal profession, attorneys work their cases and assist other attorneys at the same time. With so many roles to fulfill, maintaining a level of productivity while managing stress of work and home makes life very complicated.

"The latest popular benefit for the legal community, Corporate America and hospitals is work-life balance programs. These programs are an excellent resource for recruitment, retention and morale boosters. The benefit is also proving to increase employee focus, reduce absenteeism, relieve stress and extend a level of order and management between career and home. Work-life balance programs communicate a company’s concern for employee well-being and offer assistance for lifestyle management. In sum, the programs are a breath of fresh air and very affordable for the companies and employees."