Want to be more productive at work?

Well, David Allen of Getting Things Done fame recommends some very good productivity software

"MindManager Pro – Find out how mindmapping can transform the way you think about, and organize information while you collect, capture, and manage ideas. You can also view a replay of The Best Kept Secrets of Productivity, David’s recent webinar on mindmapping.

"TypingMaster Pro – Gain hours of productive time by increasing your typing speed and accuracy. Working at the computer will become easy and fun as you bring your keyboard skills up to the speed of your thoughts.

"ActiveWords – Just type in an ActiveWord and instantly access folders, files, programs, and more. No more fumbling for information and programs on your desktop. Download a free trial to find out why David has been using this program for years."

Yes, it’s been a while since I took a typing class (I’m not saying how long), & it shows in the number of errors I make. Check your own speed & accuracy here. And check out ActiveWords — the free trial I downloaded is amazingly helpful!