7 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful Paralegals

Messy womanToday's guest blogger is John Featherstone, author of "Start Hiring Winners".

They don’t listen: It isn’t enough to just hear your boss when being addressed. Look at the person talking, and focus on what is being said so you can understand the message.

They don’t follow instructions: When receiving an assignment, write down the instructions. Carry paper and pen with you at all times so you can write down instructions and good ideas as they occur.

They don’t complete work assignments: If you run into difficulty, ask for help in time to meet the deadline. Don’t just set the project aside until your boss asks about the status.

They don’t work to priority: Establish priorities with your boss at the time of assignment. We all want to work on projects we like, and that’s OK some of the time. But the majority of the time must be spent on tasks with high priority and approaching deadlines.

They don’t keep the boss informed: Plan to meet with your boss once a week and review progress and any problems that might result in delay. Whatever you do, keep your boss informed. No one likes surprises, especially your boss.

They don’t understand the job: Make sure you understand what your duties and responsibilities are. If there is no job description, then write one and review it with your boss. Know what your boss expects from you.

They make up excuses: Problems will arise and mistakes will be made. Learn from them, figure out a way not to make the same error again, and get on with the solution. Forget about making excuses, because it only diminishes your worth to yourself and the company. Instead, ’fess up quickly.