“Bad paperwork, advice hurts immigrants”

One reason why California’s Business & Prof. Code 6450 went into effect — independent paralegals’ mistakes when delivering services directly to the public:

"Some immigrants want U.S. citizenship after they sneak past the border. Others need to renew a visa to stay legal. And still others want political asylum to escape persecution in their home country.

"Yet, Sara Coën-Giovanelli has seen all their papers stream into her office, botched, blemished, butchered and marred.

"’Sometimes it’s a lack of care, sometimes it’s a lack of interest or sometimes it’s just dishonesty,’ Coën-Giovanelli, 40, an immigration attorney at Weiss, Alden & Polo P.A. in Boca Raton, said last month as she reviewed complaints against Florida paralegals and businesses charged with deceiving immigrants who went to them for help."