“Internet 2.0 has arrived. Can you Feel it?”

Now this is a MOST interesting article from Legal Marketing Technology:

"Wikis. Topping the ‘heard about them, not sure what they are’ list are wikis — Web sites to which anyone can add content or revise what already is there. ‘It’s like [Microsoft] Word on the Web,’ said Steve Rubel, senior vice president of CooperKatz & Co., a public relations firm in New York, speaking at the Beyond Blogs and Social Networks conference held by the Strategic Research Institute in December. SRI produces industry-specific conferences often covering business-to-business topics, such as networking, marketing and technological trends.

"The prime example of a wiki is Wikipedia.org, which as of mid-January had 927,403 articles in English created and edited by people who visited the site. The site’s accuracy is guarded by a vigilant community of sentinels who erase vandalism and falsehoods in seconds. When you change information, your Internet protocol address is logged, so the sentinels can track you down. I think wikis eventually will replace print references, newspapers and offline research sources.

"For law firms, wikis are a cutting-edge technology that can be used to communicate and exchange ideas with clients. Creating a wiki for a client is an excellent way to thrash out ideas on a project, case or transaction. By sponsoring client wikis, a firm can distinguish itself in the marketplace."