“Matter Management Systems Matter to Most Firms”

Legal Assistant Today looked into a survey (PDF link), recently released by the International Legal Technology Association (ITLA), which reported that:

"Comprehensive matter management systems are becoming the industry standard for the corporate legal community as more firms are seeking efficient ways to centrally manage data outside their e-mail and calendar systems, according to the Simpson Neely Group."

Here are a few such "matter management" systems: Law Manager from Thompson Elite, Corprasoft’s Legal Desktop software, & CaseTrack from EAG.

Going beyond “how to select and implement a matter management system,” ILTA’s survey also found that corporate legal departments were quite interested in:

“[T]he savings and risk reductions of managing e-discovery in-house, what to look for in an e-billing system…what document assembly software can do…, and what might make up a legal professional’s ultimate toolbox.”