Legal Blogger “Opinionista” Revealed!

Read all about it in The NY Observer:

“’I’m pretty nervous,’” said Melissa Lafsky, a now formerly anonymous blogger who this week joins the ranks of those who have come out to become a public commodity. “’I’ve been planning this for months’”—she paused—“’not actually, but running through the scenario in my head: ‘What would happen if I put my name on this? Would anyone care? Would everyone care?’ I don’t know.’”

"For the last 10 months, Ms. Lafsky has been known to her reading public only as Opinionista; on her blog she published wearied accounts of the punishing culture at big law firms. 

"She is now, thanks to her fellow bloggers at the media-gossip Web site Gawker, revealed to be a comely 27-year-old Dartmouth and University of Virginia Law School grad with a fondness for the French manicure."   

Hmm, sounds like a good career move!